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Want to be part of it?

Ok, so You are a Proud Crypto Miner™ and want to be part of this cool initiative. You can have your own block, your custom brick on The Wall, yours, forever, to show the World that you really Crypto Mining!
And for a limited time, you can have it for free. This is how:

  1. Design your custom 20x20 pixels brick (or a bigger block made of various bricks).
  2. Send it attatched to an email, with the rest of your info to <>:
    • Your Nickname
    • Your signature (one line text)
    • The coordinates you want to place yout brick in The Wall (must be free, max.1920x1080)
    • An URL link you want your brick to point to (optional. You can advertise something here, etc.)
    • Your favourite Crypto Coin (optional)
    • Your Rig hashrate (H/s) (optional)
  3. The first 20 brick requests (20x20 pixels) will be free (in addition, they will be the official Kickstarters of The Wall, and will have a special honoured place here!). After that, a small donation will be requested (in order to support the initiative and the work needed to maintain it).
    You can own as many blocks as you want. You can donate with Bitcoins, Ethers or Zcash. The minimum donation per 20x20 pixel brick will be:
Bitcoin Address Ethereum Address ZCash Address
0.0002 BTC 0.005 ETH 0.005 ZEC
3MGAZdgi43oTozzWAZM191MCaKUDvnigUx 0xd5a8e09986ccc92d2a0a79994e73aa9508dae92d t1MyaQc5UsYUgo3XfAE8ancZ77Na7JLL8Cb

You can also point your pool mining to this addresses to get your brick!

If you prefer to make an anonymous transaction, you can do it to this ZCash Z-Address:

Of course I will really appreciate any donations you just want to make to support the project.

Some cool ideas

You can...

Special Offers

Free blocks everywhere!


The first 20 requests will be given their brick (20x20) for free, they will be considered the official Kickstarters of The Wall, and will have a special place here (and in my heart)!


The first 5 owners of blocks of 4x4 bricks or bigger (80x80 pixels) will be considered the official Supporters of The Wall, and will be awarded 8 free bricks! they will also have a special place here (yes, in my heart too)!

Proud Miners Evangelists

Already owners of a brick, that help in Spreading the Word of The Wall throughout the World (forums, Facebook, tweeter, etc.) are given another brick for free!

2x2 bricks block

If you request a 2x2 bricks block (a total of 40x40 pixels block), you get one of those 4 bricks for free, so you only donate for 3.

3x3 bricks block

If you request a 3x3 bricks block (a total of 60x60 pixels block), you get two of those 9 bricks for free, so you only donate for 7.

4x4 bricks block

If you request a 4x4 bricks block (a total of 80x80 pixels block), or bigger, you get four of those 16+ bricks for free!


Hi, I'm Jorge Sandín, and I love the Crypto World, just like you. I believe in the power that Crypto currencies may bring to a Free World, and I love the technology behind it. I'd love to be part of it supporting the network and mining... But currently I have no money to invest in a rig, so I had this cool initiative instead! You can take it as a small donation to support the project, and I would appreciate it a lot! If I get a rig, I will also help other people to buy their own rigs too, in order to be able to mine and support the Network, at least in a small scale. So this can also be seen like a chain to make Crypto take over the World! Do you want to be part of it? :)